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ICI Bucharest

ICI Bucharest and XOXNO forge pioneering partnership to elevate NFT technology towards institutional public outreach and aggregation

The National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics - ICI Bucharest has partnered with XOXNO, the largest NFT Marketplace Aggregator on MultiversX. The collaboration aims to enhance NFT marketplace aggregation and blockchain technology within the MultiversX ecosystem and is a significant step forward in advancing blockchain technology towards institutional public outreach.

Through this collaboration, the two entities aim to raise awareness about Non-Fungible Technology’s potential and stimulate its utilization. Additionally, it seeks to explore new use cases for NFTs beyond art and digital collectibles. By combining the research capabilities of the Institute with the technological expertise of XOXNO, the collaboration endeavours to push the boundaries of what NFT technology can achieve.

About ICI Bucharest
ICI Bucharest is a leading research institution that fosters technological advancements and knowledge creation. With a commitment to innovation and a strong collaborative spirit, the Institute is at the forefront of driving progress in emerging technologies.

XOXNO is a pioneering NFT Marketplace Aggregator operating within the dynamic MultiversX environment. XOXNO offers a streamlined user experience and a comprehensive approach to navigating the diverse NFT landscape.