Cryptocurrencies Investigation and Compliance Centre – CICC

Cryptocurrencies Investigation and Compliance Centre – CICC

The Cryptocurrency Investigations and Compliance Center within ICI provides professional assistance, within the framework of research - development projects, both in cases involving the use of cryptocurrencies to commit crimes, and for the implementation of IT systems and procedures for compliance, in order to prevent and counter the use of cryptocurrencies in money laundering or terrorist financing operations.

The CICC team uses OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) research techniques, given the decentralized and transparent nature of cryptocurrency transactions, thus performing complex transaction analysis.

Within research - development projects, CICC carries out analysis & research and facilitates the traceability of transactions, as well as ICO (Initial Coin Offering) offers.

CICC mainly performs monitoring and traceability for the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, PAX, USDC, GUSD, USDT, TUSD.

Complex analyses can also be performed in the case of other cryptocurrencies, such as those known as "privacy coins" (Monero, ZCash etc.).

As part of research - development projects, CICC carries out the investigation of hacking incidents involving cryptocurrency exchanges, accounts compromised by computer attacks or the unauthorized transfer of digital assets from electronic wallets.

De-anonymization of Cryptocurrencies

CICC provides assistance within the framework of research-development projects, for achieving the traceability of transactions involving illicit funds, obtained from criminal activity. CICC also provides IT solutions for identifying entities within the blockchain ecosystem that are involved in various transaction systems with a high risk of money laundering or terrorist financing.

At the same time, CICC can provide complementary information during complex investigations.