Cyber Diplomacy Center

Cyber Diplomacy Center

CYBER DIPLOMACY CENTER – ICI Bucharest was established in March 2019 as a unique Romanian initiative. Its main objective is to strengthen the diplomatic agenda in the cyber field, serving as a necessary complement to the technological, economic and social dimensions of the cyber field. The Center cooperates with all relevant national and international ministries / authorities with responsibilities in the diplomatic and cybersecurity sectors.

The establishment of this center is only the first step envisioned within a collective strategy, to be followed by the launching of an international initiative on "cyber diplomacy" and then by a Global Alliance.

Although a relatively new topic, cyber diplomacy has made great strides globally in trying to define and summarize the ongoing efforts to deal with a new type of conflict, especially those taking place in cyberspace. The main role of diplomacy is to gain a common advantage through dialogue, therefore the main role of cyber diplomacy would be to generate benefits through dialogue on cybersecurity issues.

The Center works to propose and implement strategies, initiatives and actions in order to improve cybersecurity, promote peace and stability in the cyber environment by means of applying resources related to traditional diplomacy.

Main activities:

  • advanced studies and research in the field of cyber diplomacy;
  • managing the risks related to collective security and supporting good governance by using specific tools dedicated to state and non-state actors;
  • conducting relevant research / studies in the field of cyber diplomacy;
  • offering expertise and consultancy in the field of cyber diplomacy;
  • cooperation and development of partnerships.

Areas of expertise:

  • research in the field of cyber diplomacy;
  • development of tools specific to cyber diplomacy;
  • cyber security and response to cyber threats;
  • education and awareness in cyberspace.

The Cyber ​​Diplomacy Center – ICI Bucharest is a unique initiative in Romania, whose main purpose is to expand cooperation and research to the diplomatic area, which necessarily complements the technological, economic and social developments in the cyber environment. The center cooperates with ministries and authorities with responsibilities both in diplomacy and in cyber security.