Executive Blockchain Laboratory – EBCL

Executive Blockchain Laboratory – EBCL within the Cyber ​​Security and Critical Infrastructures Department - ICI Bucharest, is a partnership of excellence between universities and multinational companies, offering a focused and flexible EMBA level online program dedicated to managing experts, business entrepreneurs and those with responsibilities in the government and academia. Its aim is to support career development goals and strengthen the resilient positioning of the represented organizations in future global digital markets and ecosystems.

Executive Blockchain Laboratory is dedicated to educational issues in order to provide the basis for creating strategies and solutions to improve public awareness of new emerging technologies such as Blockchain and to promote innovation in the interest of the public and government entities by applying intelligent architectures in IT structures at national level.

Main activities:

  • cooperation and development of partnerships with national and international universities, companies with excellence in the development of solutions based on Blockchain technologies;
  • conducting specialized online courses, dedicated to people with leadership in the public and private environment;
  • providing expertise and consulting in the field of Blockchain technology;
  • collaboration with existing industries such as energy, transport, medicine, education, logistics and cyber security, in order to develop relevant use-cases and potential IT solutions.

Areas of expertise:

  • research in the field of Blockchain technology;
  • development of pilot projects (tools) relevant to national needs, in order to improve them or create new models of intelligent solutions;
  • development of online course curricula, on industrial topics.

EBCL emphasizes the need to initiate a process of continuous training on emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, an essential part of Industry 4.0, both in public institutions and private companies. It promotes the implementation of these technologies in viable projects that generate added economic and commercial value. At the same time, the laboratory supports the potential of collaboration between universities and private companies with excellence in Blockchain technology, able to actively contribute to the development and provision of feasible solutions for Business and eGovernment, through public-private partnerships.

The laboratory is an aggregation and interaction platform that aims to build confidence-building measures and facilitate regional, transregional and international cooperation on issues related to the implementation of Blockchain solutions, by promoting formal and informal networks and the exchange of good practices. The EBCL curriculum offers a specialized course in English - "Blockchain Technology - Application and Innovation of Transformational Business", on video support and user / password access. The international lecturers of this course are members of Old Dominion University (USA); Modex (USA, UK, Romania), Tailpath.com (Romania), Action4Value (Switzerland, Germany); WU Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics - Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria).

Representative roles and industries that can benefit from this course include consultants and strategists in Business and Technology; entrepreneurs interested in launching new businesses using Blockchain technologies, DLT (Digital Ledger Technologies) or cryptographic ecosystems; professionals from the financial, banking, risk management as well as regulatory authorities; government officials, policy makers and civil servants at international level, as this program has a global perspective; professionals in the fields of insurance and real estate; investors who want to understand the emerging Blockchain ecosystem to ensure optimized investment decisions; professionals in the fields of IT and Cyber ​​Security; executive management professionals in the fields of Logistics and Distribution; academics who research Blockchain technology through studies to deepen its potential in new disciplines of the university curriculum.

The competences gained after graduating from the EBCL course are based on a deeper understanding of the capabilities and restrictions of Blockchain technology (industry pillar 4.0); skills for managing cyber security and state-of-the-art decision support systems; assessing business and organizational issues that can improve and innovate Blockchain technology in new business models or skills; creating a framework for implementing a strategy based on Blockchain technology that addresses a challenge within one's own business or organizational context (public / private / government); knowledge of how Blockchain technology manages solutions and applications such as Tokens-based initiatives (Digital Assets, Token Economy).

The mission of the Executive Blockchain Laboratory extends to various fields of applicability of Blockchain technology and creates educational solutions accessible to the public interested in discovering the facilities of Blockchain technology, through public-private partnerships of academia and business and experts both from Romania and internationally.