The European Center of Excellence for Blockchain – ECEB

The European Center of Excellence for Blockchain – ECEB

The European Center of Excellence for Blockchain – ECEB was established at the beginning of 2018, by the Initiative Group formed by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics - ICI Bucharest, Idea Factory Think Tank, Old Dominion University and EURISC Foundation and was designed as a promoter of Blockchain technology in Romania.

The center aims to develop the capacity to use Blockchain technology through internships and international training courses, organize events in Romania, promote and support various forms of regulation of Blockchain technology issues by Parliament, Government and other entities. Moreover, it seeks to promote Blockchain and its connection to the protection of critical infrastructure for state institutions and the private sector (such as finance, agriculture, health, etc.), both nationally and internationally, and the creation of a common debate platform between government and the private sector.

Main activities:

  • organization of internships and international training courses;
  • initiation of international cooperation strategies;
  • organizing events in Romania, as well as participating in relevant international events.

Areas of expertise:

  • the research-development platform in the issue of the regulatory and adoption framework of the Blockchain transformational technology;
  • development of Blockchain solutions in the governmental area;
  • supporting medium and long-term national strategies in Romania.

ECEB facilitates dialogue between partners interested in adopting Blockchain technology and in building common technical solutions from a national and European perspective. Also, ICI Bucharest aims to collaborate with existing regulatory institutions within the Romanian administration.

Through the European Center of Excellence for Blockchain, ICI Bucharest wants to clearly express its position in the academic and innovation area of ​​Blockchain technology and its availability for collaborations with state authorities, research institutions and the business environment. Also, ECEB serves as a research and development hub in the field of regulation and adoption of Blockchain transformational technology, but also for the development of solutions in the governmental area and is ready to support medium and long-term national strategies in Romania.