The Centre for Strategic Assessment and Analysis – CEAS

The Centre for Strategic Assessment and Analysis – CEAS

The Center for Strategic Assessment and Analysis – CEAS is focused on data analysis (including big data) using state-of-the-art methods, in order to support the understanding of trends, scenarios and identifying the best solutions that decision-makers (private and / or public) have to make in order to guarantee the well-being of communities and / or organizations.

The Center for Strategic Evaluation and Analysis – CEAS of ICI Bucharest was founded in 2021 in order to support decision makers (private and / or public) in analyzing trends, scenarios and to identify optimal solutions for communities and / or organizations .

A solid governance, efficient corporate decisions and even the simple daily existence of the individual are impossible if the most important information that ensures social functionality is not extracted from the existing data. While daily individual routines allow a normal functioning of each of us, the solutions for authorities to function must be based on clear algorithms and quality information.

While a few decisions may be discover using traditional methods of intelligence analysis (beneficiary list, analyst list, scenario method, red team-blue team, matrix analysis, etc.), focusing on the multiplication of variables that are involved in social contexts may be more important. Therefore, the need for innovation and new resources that can be used as tools of intelligence analysis is increasing.

Center for Strategic Assessment and Analysis – CEAS focuses on integrating the emerging technologies into the intelligence analysis process to bring rigor, correctness and comprehension to the traditional analysis process and to support the decision-making advantage of the decision-making authority using digital technologies.


  • Providing relevant, useful analytical products;
  • Identifying cyber disinformation and influence campaigns using advanced technologies;
  • Multi-source collection, interpretation and monitoring data and information;
  • Visualization and exploratory analysis of large data;
  • Integration of advanced technologies in the analysis of multi-source information;
  • Optimizing information flows in order to control the volume and variety of data;
  • Generating knowledge databases to group, organize and complement analysts' ontologies.

2022-2025 Strategy of CEAS