IT Infrastructures and Security Operations

Short description

The structure is organized with the main aim of promoting appropriate initiatives in the field of ITC, including multidisciplinary research, both to support national efforts to align with national and European policies, strategies and requirements, and to develop products, applications and services with high applicability and high efficiency through addressing a wide range of users.

Main activities

  • applied research and experimental development;
  • conducting advanced studies and advanced research in the IT field;
  • providing expertise and guidance in the field of IT infrastructure and active Cybersecurity using specific Cybersecurity operations (offering services of a Security Operations Center - SOC);
  • development of cloud and SOC products and services;
  • optimizing infrastructure investments to support as effectively as possible the research carried out in national and international projects.


Cloud computing has as a general objective the modernization, development and efficiency of public services offered to citizens through a Cloud Computing infrastructure, which streamlines the acquisition and use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) at the level of public institutions, to increase the transparency of public institutions and facilitate interoperability between public electronic services.

The research component is provided by activities specific to optimizing the use of cloud resources; improving the cloud infrastructure management system, by introducing a billing infrastructure, optimized for the costs of operating resources in the Cloud; ensuring the security of privacy and security of data in the cloud; analysis, evaluation and optimization of cloud services.

The largest investment in infrastructure in the history of the institute was the realization of the ICIPRO project - Cloud type infrastructure for public institutions in Romania.

In 2016, ICIPRO became operational, with a data storage capacity of 340 TB, 144 server equipment and communication equipment (firewall, load-balancer, access switch, aggregation switch, L2 / L3 core switch). The functionalities offered by the ICIPRO project are: Cloud platform based on professional standards, secure and efficient infrastructure, hosting various information systems of public institutions, providing an interoperability platform (SOA) for the system of public institutions, user management and access rights on the platform for public bodies, hosting of public data, hosting of a digital library for various public documents (digitized public documents) delivered by various public administration institutions.

Starting with February 2021, the commercial capitalization of the Cloud Computing infrastructure ICIPRO was monetized by offering cloud computing services in the form of virtual machines at a monthly rate corresponding to several categories, technical assistance services and back-up services. Thus, ICI Bucharest provides IaaS type cloud computing services at competitive prices, through commercial contracts for providing IaaS type cloud services (Infrastructure As A Service) addressed to a wide area of ​​users, both from the central and local administration environment, as well as for entities in the area of ​​private companies.


IaaS cloud services (Infrastructure as a Service)

  • Technical assistance and back-up services;
  • Enterprise Content Management services (virtual library);
  • Open data.


Cybersecurity operations are ensured by offering an easy to install integrated solution through a monthly subscription, providing 24/7/365 support, that allows both the increase the level of cybersecurity and fast reactions in situations of cyber attack. Periodic local area network vulnerability scanning services are also provided, which, in conjunction with support for the implementation of detailed (and not only) customized IT security policies, can also improve employee awareness and increase IT security of the client, at an almost symbolic cost compared to the range of services provided.

Main activities

  • increasing the general level of security and protection of data, networks and information systems at the organizational level;
  • ensuring measures to prevent and reduce cybersecurity risks and incidents;
  • prompt and compliant risk management and possible cybersecurity incidents that may affect your organization;
  • early identification of cyber security risks and incidents and rapid response in the event of an incident;
  • increasing the level of awareness on cyber security at the organizational level, as well as at the employees level;
  • increasing the organizational level of security regarding data networks, as well as data and electronic documents;
  • increasing the organization partners level of cyber security by imposing stricter and informed specific requirements on partner institutions and providers.

Areas of expertise

  • scanning and assessing vulnerabilities by identifying the active equipments and vulnerabilities or potential threats to each of them, allocating a quantifiable value (or at least ranking) and impact on the system;
  • intrusion detection and intrusion prevention;
  • spam prevention and location-based access restriction;
  • identification of Indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Relevant RDI projects

  • Cloud Infrastructure for Public Institutions in Romania - ICIPRO;
  • Increasing the performance of cloud services by analyzing and developing a billing system;
  • Study on the establishment of cyber security indicators that can be taken into account for measuring the level of cyber security at national level.