ICI Bucharest

ICI Bucharest signed the cooperation protocol with the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics "Vladimir Andrunachievici" from the Republic of Moldova

Today, November 22, 2022, ICI Bucharest received the visit of the delegation of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics "Vladimir Andrunachievici" from the Republic of Moldova, on the occasion of which the cooperation protocol between the two institutes was signed. Mr. Adrian Victor Vevera, the general director of ICI Bucharest, and Mrs. Inga Ţiţchiev, the director of the "Vladimir Andrunachievici" Institute, signed the document.

Several aspects of future collaborations between the two entities were highlighted on this occasion. Mrs. Ţiţchiev also stated that the Institute she is in charge of will be merged at the beginning of next year (n.r. 2023) with the State University of Moldova, a fact that will generate specific changes in the organizational structure, but also new opportunities for cooperation. Mrs. Tițchiev also mentioned that the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics teams have exceptional skills in informatics and programming, with applications, especially in the area of ​​medical and educational systems and augmented reality.

Mr. Vevera mentioned two significant areas in which the teams from ICI Bucharest can cooperate with those from Moldova, namely fundamental research (through the development of projects and applications adapted to the needs of different entities) and, respectively, the digitization of other national structures. A major point of interest in the collaboration is represented by the institutional NFT market for state institutions, the business environment, and citizens based on the decentralized ecosystem (DNS/TLD) based on blockchain technology, a marketplace established by ICI Bucharest that can also be opened to partners from Moldova.

Also, potential cooperation was discussed in the area of ​​conducting courses and specialized training, but also collaboration in the direction of publishing scientific articles and joint participation through mixed teams in European and international projects.